Hotel Vegas, Austin, Texas, 10pm. It was dark and hot that night inside the bar and filling in with Austin’s heaviness-seekers– we only come out at night, it seems. Jason Muxlow’s guitar was a big part of the reason this show was so good. His leads and rhythmic attacks were spot-on: he owned his side of the stage! Bassist, Marilyn, and drummer, Javi Moctezuma always seemed to be in tandem and worked seamlessly with Muxlow to offer a tight show all night. The musical backbone of Witchcryer, solid and melodic when it was called for but aggressively heavy for doomier (my word) moments, started off that way in the beginning: doomy (my word too). As the show progressed though, they transitioned into a more classic Sabbath feel. Both sounds were great and I wasn’t the only one who thought so. The crowd dug it too.  What kept tugging at my eye throughout the show though was the presence of the soulful but bold and dynamic vocalizations of the audacious Suzy Bravo! Wow! What a dominant force on stage! Such a beautiful and frightening performance! She held me and everyone else in trance until the final note. I told her she was my new favorite female-vocalist and I stand by that.   5/21/17