Coming to the United States on their inaugural jump across the pond, “Messa” is spoken, in doom and metal circles, in the same sentences with the words  “doom album of the year” in them. I have to agree after experiencing the “scarlet doom” sounds of this extremely talented band. The show starts with an ethereal scent of candle and incense and Sara kneeling on the side of the stage. The music starts as she joins the others. Sara’s voice is so compelling and mesmerizing- she is the key element that sets Messa apart from other bands offering similar efforts toward the doom sound. Her voice is so soft and powerful at the same time. Mark Sade, Marquis de Sade of the bass and guitar, manipulates the echoing ambiance that accompanies and enhances the experience. His bass and guitar are both instruments of destruction in his hands, but he is always in control of them. Mistyr hammers the drums with determination and rhythmic purpose- there are times during the interludes of their set that require no percussion. During these times, he sits entranced and motionless. His commitment to those moments is as intense as when he is ravaging his kit with the ferocity of a barbarian horde! Alberto. When the show first starts, he is softly and emotionally playing a piece reminiscent of David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. Alberto plays with a “Comfortably Numb” kind of emotion and few people do.  When the heaviness comes though, the bottom drops out of the whole place! There were times when I felt like a plastic football player on one of those old vibration football games (look it up if you’re too young to get the reference). I said this is an experience, and for all of these reasons it was. It is because each of the players in Messa are exemplars at what they do.  This was a show I count myself lucky to have caught. I highly recommend seeing them if you can.  5/21/17