*Look for my review of their new soon-to-be-out album “Lödarödböl” in the very near future!

Greenbead, on the Sailor Records label, are Buddy Hachar on drums, Dan Alvarez on bass, and Chance Allan on guitar and vocals. I’ve seen these guys perform a half a dozen times in a half a dozen places; so, in this live review I am reviewing their most recent show with Zed and Wasted Theory at the Dirty Dog. It could, however, be a review from any other show because their consistency is so ever-present. Buddy is a workhorse on the drums in that he shows no mercy on the skins. His drumming is efficient, focused, and hellion-powerful when called for and feather light when it should be. He and Dan combine nicely to bring the driving low-end of each auditory onslaught. Dan has the energy of a punk bassist, a heavy interest and influence for him, and his four strings take the abuse, but he can tease subtleties out of the air in the interludes of calm between the storms. Chance has a deep respect for Kyuss, Fatso Jetson, Yawning Man, and the other bands of the early desert generator sect; it is apparent enough in his playing style but not overwhelmingly. He has his own sound that is inspired by but not a slave to the desert sound. A fair argument may be made that Chance’s vocals are better than his guitar playing (which is accomplished by all accounts); He has a sound all his own that echos none of his influences but is the soul-driven essence of his being, and his control at both the higher and lower registers plants him solidly in the upper strata of up-and-coming vocalists. All three together are a dust-devil in a lightning storm on stage and the crowd keeps all eyes on them because their show is that entertaining. Greenbeard just released a well-produced video for their hit “Sativa Wizardia”(link below) and have a new album going to press soon.