Saturday-night, Austin, Texas, The Swan Dive: Eagle Claw is readying for their set. Salo, Ladykiller, and Amplified Heat had torched the stage and the crowd was going nowhere. Eagle Claw launches into their first song and they are loud, they are energetic, they are rockin’ the Swan Dive. Their musical influences must be extremely varied; I hear Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, various styles of doom (Conanesque), and dual guitar runs reminiscent of Judas Priest, just for starters. There is no vocalist and there shouldn’t be. This band digs their claws into your brain and drags you through multiple stories of the hunt, the fleeing prey, and the kill. At least that’s the way I perceived it. Their music is emotionally charged and devastating; it pushes you the way it wants you to go forcing you to listen to its story. In all reality, the whole of the musical experience takes on the role of the vocalist- it tells the story of the music. Matt Rade and Mike Gonzalez play mean nasty guitar, and I can’t say enough about Luther Smalls bass playing- intricate and punishing comes to mind. All three weave a tempestuous onslaught of auditory terror which feeds the metal need in all. Bart Butler’s drumming is the driving force and fully expands on the efforts of the story telling effect of their musical hammerings. a Great experience which keeps fans always asking for more! Favorite song: “Elephant” on “Poacher.”