Bulldozing their way into their fifth year as an outfit, The Crimson Devils were one of four bands playing before The Obsessed at Grizzly Hall (newly sold, bought, and renamed “Come and Take it Live!”) last night. They exude the southern rattlesnake charm that seems to have waned some in Austin, Texas, but still proudly carry that same unapologetic “fuck y’all, we’re from Texas” attitude that should never die. The first song,”Captain Walker,” came in hot with an intro that seemed to nod to AC/DC but quickly asserted itself as a strong original.  Like a pack of wolves on a deer carcass, they continued to shred. Jake Unruh’s vocals are distinctive and soulful, especially on “Utility Fog.”They are a tight unit with solid drumming from Patrick Pascucci, rip/shred cords screaming from Jason Soules’ guitar, and low-end intensity from Curt Christenson’s Rickenbacker (whom I’ve seen in three different bands and always catch myself admiring his virtuosity). If you like a full frontal assault of heaviness served with a healthy dose of southern angst, then check out The Crimson Devils. 5/5/17