When the instrumental band Cactus Druid took the stage Friday night, they were they were the first of four bands opening for the Obsessed. It was sudden, it was without announcement, and it happened in front of no audience. Really. The floor was empty, but not for long. The crowd shuffled forward, as quickly as an Austin crowd can- molasses is a fair analogy, but they were drawn to what became a really inspiring show. Pete Smith and Rick Fernandes, both on guitar, wove a delicate melody of thunder and becoming. Wraith-like notes wafted the halls only to be inundated with unbridled aggression. Many times their rhythms would repeat into a crescendo of redundancy adding slight deviations in each cycle to tantalize the imagination.  Jeremy Bornstein’s 5-string bass rumbled and Rom Gov’s driving drums, both integral parts of the experience, completed the fully-charged undertaking. Cactus Druid is a very solid act and worth catching. 5/8/17