*New album in the works!

This review is way too late in coming, but it is finally here! I am struggling for words that aren’t cliche or ordinary to describe Destroyer of Light in concert, because they are anything but cliche or ordinary. Destroyer of Light must have been in William Faulkner’s mind when he penned the title “The Sound and the Fury” for his classic novel. Penny Turner looks like his drumming requires little effort from him, but his aggressive beats and fills are an avalanche running free reign throughout all of the songs. Keegan Kjeldsen’s guitar weaves the spell of terror into each song and is relentless. Jeff Klein is a furious fiend on the bass bringing the low-end bludgeoning attack to each song. He has a larger than life persona and emits voluminous energy with each breath, footstep, and hammered string. Steve Colca is the guitarist and vocalist. Colca’s presence on stage may be the origin of their name: his presence seemed to suck the light out of the room like watching smoke return to its source in a strange reversal of reality. He truly is a different and more terrifying person on stage–it is awesome (as to be in awe). His guitar cords slam hard to the ground with each release of the pick and, his take-no-prisoner style of play entices one’s need to hit something, to destroy something. His vocals come from a dark place. His guttural wailing seems to lament the silence of light and revel in it’s destruction. I was in awe of their performance and that memory is what will bring me to the stage next time they are here.  6/7/17